South Beach Vacation Rentals

At the southern tip of Hilton Head Island in the Sea Pines Resort is the area called South Beach. Since Hilton Head is shaped like a shoe, on a map we mark it as where the little toe would be located. Using street names, it is the beach area between Bald Eagle and Lands End. If you were looking at it from the air then it is the area  where the Calibogue Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean. The South Beach land area is the narrowest spot on Hilton Head.  It is bordered by the Atlantic, Calibogue Sound, Braddock Cove and a tidal marsh

The top left photo shows the immediate South Beach Marina Village, home to Jake the Salty Dog. At the top of  the photo is the Lands End section. The bottom left is the Port Villas. The middle photo is the beach area near the Sound Villas just as the beach turns. The right side photo is the beach area in front of the Beachside Tennis complex. north of Lands End

The South Beach

The beach in the South Beach area is a wonderful spot, a great spot if you like nature. The far end, down near Lands End, is one of the Island's best spots for dolphin watching. If you are lucky, you may get to see the dolphin beaching their dinner. This is when the dolphin as a group heard the fish onto shore, grab a couple, then flop back into the water to do it all again. There will be all kinds of shore birds following, looking for a free meal. It is an amazing event to watch.

Lands End is also a good crabbing spot, especially around the point. The beach is not as wide as the ocean side beach, but there is still plenty of sand.

The area from the South Beach Club to Bald Eagle is the main ocean side of the South Beach area. Branching off South Sea Pines Drive are numerous beach accesses points. At low tide South Beach is one of the islands widest beach areas.

If you are feeling energetic you can ride your bike all the way to Port Royal Sound at the Island's farthest northern point. From the beach at Port Royal you will see St Helena and Paris Island. On your ride you will notice some four foot mounds near the dunes. These will be roped in orange. They are the Sea Turtle nests. Be careful not to walk over these, they are fragile

The Village

The South Beach Marina Village was conceptually designed by Charles Fraser and the Sea Pines Plantation Company. It is reminiscent of a New England fishing village and is now the home to the Salty Dog. The village is a hoi polloi for those staying not only at South Beach but also other Island locals.

There are numerous restaurants and entertainment spots as well as boutique style shopping. The marina is small, but does have charter boats as well as most water sport activities like wave runners, boat rentals, and wind surfing. In the evenings, during the season, there is always family type entertainment. If you are a tennis novice or a hit 100 mph serves, the South Beach Tennis Center maintains some of the Island's best soft courts. Parking is limited, so, when visiting, you may want to take the free trolley.

Accommodations in South Beach

Vacation rental properties abound in South Beach. Vacation rental homes line both sides of South Sea Pines Drive and the finger streets like Belted Kingfisher which lead to the beach. The homes range from three bedrooms to eight bedrooms. There are oceanfront homes and homes with marsh and lagoon views. Once we get to the immediate Village area, starting around Scaup and Pintail Court, villas become prominent. Some like the Lagoon Villas are single level flat style units while others like the Port Villas are a town home style. On the beach side, you will see names like South Beach Villas, Beachside Tennis, South Beach Club, Sound Villas, and Lands End. The majority of these properties do have water views. Bordering the Tennis Center are two clusters of four bedroom beach cottages. These are the Beachside Tennis and Portside homes. On the backside of the village are the Bluff Villas. These are condominium style units; some do have excellent views of Braddock Cove and the marinas at Gull Point and South Beach. Vacation rentals in South Beach have turned a once quiet island area into a hub of activity.

Wanting to vacation in the South Beach area let us know and will be pleased to find you the right spot.

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